How to Decorate a Wedding Aisle

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Nearly every wedding has one thing in common -- the bride walks down the aisle. Whether you are having a traditional church wedding or an outdoor wedding, making the aisle look beautiful is a priority. Simple decorations create a beautiful setting for the bride without detracting from her wedding day radiance.

Cover the carpet with white paper carpet. You can have two ushers unroll the paper carpet after all the guests have been seated or just before the bride walks down the aisle. If you have a flower girl, have her precede the bride down the aisle, tossing colorful rose petals, which will create a beautiful effect.

Place large bouquets of flowers that coordinate with the wedding flowers on half columns at the entrance to the aisle.

Decorate the ends of the pews. Hang pew hangers on the end of each pew. After everyone is seated, run a length of tulle through the pew hangers from the back of the church toward the front. If you don't want to take the time to do this during the ceremony, use the pew hangers to hold flowers or ribbon bows on the end of each pew.

Use small flowers or ribbons to decorate the chair nearest the aisle if your wedding is taking place in a setting without pews. Place the flower or ribbon bow at where the seat and back join together on the side facing the aisle. Consider decorating every other row for a simple effect.