How to Create Your Own Graduation Announcements

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Graduation announcements sold to students through their schools usually are very expensive. Save money by creating your own special graduation announcements using greeting card templates, your PC computer and a color printer. Design and print your own personal graduation announcements, and know that no one else will have a graduation announcement like yours. Card stock for announcements is available in a number of colors, and some are adorned with foils and other decorative elements. Use your imagination and a few supplies to create a one-of-a-kind graduation announcement.

Design your graduation announcement using your PC’s pre-installed desktop publishing or graphic-design software. New PCs usually include Microsoft Publisher as part of the pre-installed software package. Microsoft Publisher allows the user to create original graduation announcements using templates or blank cards. Free card-design software programs and templates are available for download online if your PC does not have Microsoft Publisher or a similar program installed.

Enter graduation date, time and place. Enter student name and any other information you want to finish the card. Select the template design, colors, add clipart and a photograph of the graduate. Scan photographs as jpg or gif images, and then import into the design. Use a digital camera with a USB connection to your computer to take a new photograph of the graduate.

Select a stylish font that is easy to read. True Type Fonts will print as they appear on the screen. Other fonts might not print exactly as they appear on the screen. Choose a font color to complement the overall theme of the graduation invitation template.

Print one of your cards on regular printer paper. Check the design for overall balance and placement on the paper. Fold the paper as you would your finished card to make sure the invitation information and graphics are printed where you want them to appear on your card.

Print your cards one at a time on the invitation card stock. Set your printer on the highest print quality available.