How to Choose Gifts for Maintenance Workers

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You might pass the maintenance worker at work or in your condo without so much as a quick greeting, but remember that this valuable employee keeps the building running smoothly in a long list of ways. Whether the holidays are around the corner or you just want to offer your appreciation for the worker's constant efforts, present him with a gift that shows you value his work. Getting to know the worker can help you select an appropriate gift, but general gift ideas can also be suitable.

Evaluate Her Interests

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When you meet the maintenance worker in your hallway or elevator, engage her in conversation. Over time, you can build a relationship and, eventually, you'll get a feeling for what could be an appropriate gift. For a tennis enthusiast, buy a gift card to a sporting goods store or tickets to an upcoming amateur or professional tournament in your city. If the maintenance worker enjoys cooking, opt for a set of flavored balsamic vinegar or olive oil.

Offer Tasty Treats

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Help your maintenance worker maximize his daily breaks by putting together a custom gift basket of tasty snacks. Gourmet crackers with hummus, yogurt-covered almonds, chocolate-dipped pretzels, garlic-stuffed olives, cured meats and dried fruits are suitable gift basket items. To give the maintenance worker a boost during a long workday, add items such as a gift card for a coffee shop, a variety of protein bars or a selection of energy drinks to the gift basket.

Keep It Simple

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It's possible that you might not get a chance to speak to your building's maintenance worker enough to determine the ideal present. In this case, opt for a generic gift. This approach might not be the most creative, but can still make her notice your generosity. Gift cards to a movie theater, grocery store, family restaurant or book store are all ideal ideas. If the worker has children, opt for a family pass to a museum or bowling center. Of course, cash is always welcome.

Share Your Message

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A gift is only part of the method to appropriately recognize a maintenance worker. Adding a card helps you express your appreciation. Keep the message succinct, but address or two specific moments, such as the time the worker freed you from a stuck elevator or fixed your faulty smoke detector. You can also make a point about the gift. In the case of a gift basket, for example, note how you hope the worker can enjoy the treats during his few minutes of spare time.

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