Contractor Thank You Gift Ideas

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It's tempting to shriek in delight and hug your contractor when he gets the job done on time, on budget and to your satisfaction. Skip this potentially awkward exchange as a method of expressing your thanks. Instead, do a little brainstorming and present your contractor with a gift that shows your appreciation. Gift ideas can range from practical to homemade.

Ticket to Entertainment

Don't rush to buy a gift related to the contractor's profession -- a carpenter doesn't need an extra hammer and a plumber already has a pipe wrench. Instead, chat with the contractor at the start and end of the day to get a feel for his interests away from the job. Event tickets, whether to a sporting event, comedy club or music festival, are suitable. If you're determined to buy him tickets with a practical application, look for an upcoming contractor or builder convention in your city.

From Your Own Hands

Rely on your knack for cooking or baking and put together a homemade gift that shows your contractor how much you value his work. Few contractors will shy away from the idea of heading home after the job with a plate of blueberry muffins, a tray of fudge or a container of slow-cooked chili or stew. Other ideas include a homemade batch of beef jerky or home-brewed beer.

Flexible Gift Ideas

Gift cards might not be the most original form of gift, but the odds of your contractor being able to use the card are pretty high. One approach is to tailor the gift card toward the contractor's profession by buying a card from a home improvement store, big-box retailer or specialty shop related to woodworking or plumbing. Other gift cards that contractor will appreciate can be from supermarkets, bookstores or online vendors.

Words of Thanks

Although the gift is the focal point of your expression of thanks, take a few minutes to jot down some expressions of your gratitude on a thank-you card. The key to a successful message is to be as specific. Rather than just offer your thanks, think of a specific instance, such as you appreciate the contractor always being punctual or taking the time to sweep up his mess at the end of each day. Package the card with your gift of thanks and hand it to the contractor at the conclusion of the job.