Ways to Say Thank You to Your Man

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Showing your appreciation to the man in your life, whether he's specifically done something that you like or he is just generally an admirable person, can take several forms. Verbally expressing your thanks on a daily basis is a simple way to show your gratitude, but you can write a thoughtful email or handwritten note. Alternatively, express yourself in actions and by showing respect, too.

Say Thanks Regularly

Saying thanks to your man is often as simple as doing just that -- verbally saying "thank you" for the things he does, such as give you a compliment, buy you a gift, perform tasks around the home, or provide for you and your children. Although it's important to specifically say the words "thank you," it's better to clearly explain why you're thankful. For example, you could say, "Thanks so much for this lovely sweater. I really appreciate that you know how much I like purple and that you bought the sweater with this thought in mind."

Say It in Writing

For special occasions, surprise your man with an email or a note of thanks left somewhere that he'll notice. Your message should convey your thanks and explain why you're so thankful. A note of thanks doesn't need to be long, nor should it wander off topic; be specific and provide an example. You could write, "Thanks so much for cooking dinner last night. I was exhausted when I got home from work, and seeing the beautiful meal waiting for me isn't something I'll soon forget."

Act Kindly

Kind actions are an effective way to express thanks to your man and are often a viable alternate to saying thanks verbally or in writing. You can thank your man with actions in innumerable ways, including baking his favorite dessert, giving him a hand with a household project, buying him a gift, or just spending time with him doing something that he enjoys. For example, buy some snacks that he'll enjoy and crash on the couch with him as he watches his favorite sports team on TV.

Practice Respect

Treating the man respectfully is a subtle way to show that you're thankful for who he is and what he does. Entrepreneur magazine reports that a respectful attitude for those in your life conveys gratitude. You can show respect through a number of simply strategies, including listening when the man speaks, asking him questions about his thoughts, and acting in a kind, considerate manner. For example, if you appreciate that he takes out the garbage every week, hop up early and perform the task for him.