Gift Ideas for the Boss's 50th Birthday

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Purchasing a birthday gift for anyone is an important task but it's especially important when that gift is for your boss on a milestone birthday such as her 50th. You can't go wrong by giving your boss a birthday gift that will be used for work. Focusing on gifts that are useful is a great way to ensure your gift will be appreciated.

A Day Planner

Recognize your boss’ 50th birthday by purchasing an organizational tool for him. Consider giving him a day planner. Classic day planners come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and high quality fabrics. There are also electronic hand held planners that keep appointments, contact information and provide reminder alerts. There are even day planner templates and software choices that can be purchased and installed on any computer.

A Restaurant Gift Card

If you are unsure about what your boss likes, then a restaurant gift card is the perfect gift. Yes, even your boss has to have a meal. Determine your budget and purchase the gift card from a highly rated local restaurant. You can even shop on-line for some restaurant gift certificates.

Lottery Tickets

You can give a unique gift that offers excitement, anticipation and expresses a lighter side to your professional relationship with the boss. Give her 50 one-dollar scratcher lottery tickets. The number of tickets purchased recognizes the significance of the boss’ milestone birthday.

A Spa Salon Treatment

Give the gift of relaxation to your boss on his 50th birthday. Purchase a spa service such as a massage, manicure, or facial appropriate for either a man or woman. This indicates you appreciate his hard work and wish him a happy and relaxing birthday.

A Document Carrier

Some bosses need to carry important documents. A document carrier such as a briefcase or portfolio makes a great gift for her 50th birthday. This present will be used for work purposes, so consider buying a carrier made from a durable fabric to ensure it can be used for a long time.