Gifts for a 30th Corporate Anniversary

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A corporate anniversary, whether for a dedicated employee or for the owners of the business itself, is a momentous occasion that can be marked with thoughtfully selected gifts. The gift chosen could play upon humor, sentiment or simply functionality, depending on the character of who is receiving the gift. Be sure to take into account the tastes and preferences of the recipient when planning the anniversary gift.

Framed Clipping

Pearl is a traditional gift for a 30th wedding anniversary, so play into this tradition for a corporate gift. Choose a frame with pearl accents or embellishments for the gift. Find a newspaper from 30 years ago and clip a front page story, a notable event or even a press release announcing the opening of the business, if available. Old newspapers can be found at libraries and in newspaper company archives. Copy the paper and clip out the story to include in the frame. Add a group company photo in the frame if desired. Engrave the frame with the words "30 years" or the date of the first day of work at the company.

Memory Mural

Create a mural on a company wall detailing the progression of the company. This could be done by a professional artist or design company or can be created by employees for a less professional but personal touch. The mural could include images of the street the business is on as it was 30 years before and have the street progress into what it currently looks like. This could be done using cut out photographs or illustrations. The mural, whether it shows the whole street, just the building or even imagery of the office, should mark the history of the company.

Gag Gift

Gag gifts should be light-hearted, silly and given in fun and good humor. If the corporate kitchen is often low or out of coffee, a jumbo, bulk bag of coffee would be a silly and humorous gift. Other options could include a tee-shirt with a large, colorful font that says "Boss," a DVD of the film Office Space, a comedy that pokes fun at working for a corporate company or a plaque for the employee or CEO's desk with a humorous name or saying, such as "30 years and counting..."