How to Change the Blades on an Oster Model 78960-100

by Trey Johnson ; Updated September 28, 2017

When your Oster 78960-100 clippers stop cutting through your pet's hair like butter, it is time to replace the blade. Oster blades are renowned for their long life, but they eventually dull and wear out like all clipper blades. Replacing your Oster blade is a relatively easy process that requires little mechanical skill and simple tools. In no time flat, your Oster clippers will be cutting like the first day you got them.

Unplug the clipper from the outlet.

Turn the clipper over to expose the screws on the underside of the blade. Remove these screws; the blade will easily slip off of the clippers.

Place a new blade onto the clippers and align the holes of the blade with the screw holes.

Loosely attach the screws and align the blade with the teeth on the clipper. Ensure the blade is straight; otherwise the clippers will cut unevenly. Tighten the screws.


  • Periodically cleaning, oiling and sharpening your Oster clippers will increase the life of the blades and the clippers' performance.

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