How to Change Oster Classic 76 Blades

The Oster Classic 76 is a hair clipper designed for use by professional stylists. It's structured for an easy exchange of blades to facilitate a variety of hairstyles. It's sold with size 1 and size 000 blades, but an additional 11 blade sizes may be purchased separately for a wide range of cutting options. The blades slide onto a guide and latch into place against the body of the clipper.

Turn off the clipper. Unplug the electrical cord for safety.

Grasp the combed end of the blade. Pull it away from the head of the clipper until the latch releases.

Hold the blade by the sides. Slide it off the guide to remove it completely.

Brush any loose hairs off the head of the clipper.

Install a new blade by sliding the blade onto the guide. Push it toward the head of the clipper until the latch is secured.