How to Celebrate a 40th Birthday

How to Celebrate a 40th Birthday. Sometimes, turning 40 is not all it's cracked up to be. You may realize that you are not where you thought you would be in life. If you aren't in the partying mood and would rather let this day pass without much fanfare, try celebrating it in a different way.

Let your friends and family know that while you appreciate their generosity, you would prefer not to have a world class blow-out for your birthday. It's better to make your wishes known up front than to have everyone plan something that you might not enjoy.

Plan an alternate celebration that fits your mood. You may not want a big party, but instead, might want to spend it with a few close friends at your favorite restaurant, or even a restaurant that is new in the area.

Book a trip to somewhere you've never been. You don't always have to stay put for your birthday. If you feel the need to travel or just be somewhere else when you turn 40, look into a travel vacation package to a destination of your choice.

Spend the day counting your blessings instead of looking at what you don't have at the moment. Sometimes all it takes is a small reality check to show you that turning 40 isn't half bad, and that you have many things to be happy about.