How to Blend Sideburns With a Long Beard Images

Choppy sideburns can make an otherwise handsome beard appear messy. While most people think of the sideburns as an extension of your beard, when trimming, think of sideburns as an extension of the hair on your head. Generally, you want to create a gradual point toward the tip of your beard so you have something of a triangle from the top of the beard to the point where the beard ends. To incorporate your sideburns, decide on how much of your face the long beard will cover.

Prepare your beard for trimming. Much like you do for the hair on your head, shampoo and condition your beard hair. Towel the hair until it is mostly dry.

Find the point where you want your beard to connect to your face. For some men with long beards, the beard connects halfway up the jawline. For other men, the beard connects above the sideburns, incorporating the sideburns into the beard.

Clip together your beard, beginning at the connection points between the beard and your face and continuing toward the chin. By clipping together your beard, you prevent yourself from accidentally removing any of the beard you worked so hard to grow.

Trim sideburns as you would normally for the length of the hair on your head. After you clip together the triangle portion of your beard, your sideburns could extend anywhere from 1 inch below the top of the ear all the way to the outer edges of the goatee – the longer your sideburns, the narrower your long beard.

Remove clips from your beard and brush the beard downward off your face.

Cut, using your scissors, your beard into a triangular shape. When donning a beard, different men choose many different shapes. The curvature of the lines of your triangle and the placement of the three points all depend on your tastes. In your mind, create the shape of your beard, and cut all hair extending outside of the lines of this shape. When you cut this way, the hairs are gradually shorter the closer they are to the sideburns.