How to Assemble the Conair HC241W

The Conair HC241W is a model of beard, mustache and hair trimmer that is part of the HC240 line of products. This line of grooming products allows you to assemble the trimmer for multiple purposes, including trimming facial hair or as part of a hair cut. By using interchangeable blades that you can detach and reattach, this product allows you to do many things.

Unplug the Conair trimmer from the wall outlet before beginning to disassemble or reassemble it. If this tool is plugged in, you run the risk of electrical shock by removing components.

Use a cloth or a towel to clean off any parts before removing them. Leaving hair or other foreign items inside of an attachment can cause the attachment to degrade over time, so keep everything as clean as possible.

Remove the current attachment if there is one installed on the trimmer. To do this, place your thumb below the tab at the back end of the attachment and your index finger on the top part of the attachment. Gently pull up, and the attachment will detach from the clipper. Push forward to slide the attachment off and place it in the storage case. The trimmer blade will now be exposed, so be careful not to touch it -- it is sharp.

Pick up the new attachment you want to add to the trimmer. To assemble the trimmer for use, slide the new attachment straight over the exposed blade and press forward until it clicks into place, indicating it is secure. Grab the attachment with your fingers and attempt to wiggle it side to side. If there is no movement, the trimmer has been assembled successfully and is ready to use.