Homemade Christening Gifts

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A baby’s Christening is a special occasion for the whole family. The friends and family gather together to celebrate a baby’s first baptism and typically bring gifts. The gifts vary for the event, but it is possible to make a special Christening gift for the baby, giving something which is one of a kind.

Embroidered Baby Gifts

An embroidered baby gift is usually relatively simple to make. For example, make a simple baby blanket using fabric from a local crafts store. Add the baby’s name or initials in embroidery either by using an embroidery sewing machine or by using an embroidery craft set and hand stitching the name instead. This will create a special gift while taking a relatively short amount of time to make, depending on the gift. Embroidered gifts include towels, wash cloths, baby clothes and baby blankets.

Soft Toys

For a Christening gift that is appropriate for any baby, make a soft toy. A soft stuffed doll or lamb will not only give baby a new toy to explore, but will also provide something soothing and comforting for the baby. Depending on the specific toy, it can require nothing more than fabric, sewing materials and stuffing. Avoid button eyes and embroider them instead for a baby-safe gift.

Christening Edibles

Make edible gifts for the adults and older children to enjoy for the celebration. Homemade Christening cakes or cookies not only give a touch of warmth and personalization, but they are a treat for the whole group, including family and friends. Edible gifts vary in complexity, but can incorporate the theme of a Christening by making it into the shape of a cross.

Baby Gift Basket

For the homemade gift which has several gifts in one, make a gift basket. Include a soft stuffed toy for the baby, edible gifts for the whole family, blankets, clothes or any other preferred item. The items will vary depending on personal preferences. Wrap the gift up in plastic wrap and tie it with a bow.