Homemade Baby Shower Decorations

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Celebrating the arrival of a new baby is extremely exciting: for the parents-to-be, their friends, and their families. Throwing a baby shower can be exhausting and expensive, so learning how to craft do-it-yourself decorations will give you peace of mind and also relieve tension on your wallet. With a few cost-effective items and a little imagination, you can put together a party that is sure to impress.

Splash the Tables with Color

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The dollar stores usually carry plastic tablecloths in a variety of colors. Choose a pastel color, such as baby pink. Line the ledges of the tables with streamers in contrasting colors. A darker pink or pastel yellow with the baby pink would be visually appealing and add a lot of color.

Stuffed Animal Centerpieces

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Purchase several baskets and small stuffed animals from the local dollar store. Arrange the stuffed animals in the basket with front paws and head hanging over the sides. To add some color, pad the bottom of the basket with tissue paper in “baby colors” such as pastel blues, pinks and yellows. Allow some of the paper to extend over the side of the basket. Use these baskets as centerpieces for tables.

Other Table Decorations

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Instead of sophisticated napkin rings, use baby keys, pacifiers or beaded bracelets. For the bracelets, use thin elastic and beads spelling out the baby’s name.

Use baby bottles as vases. Fill them with baby's breath, miniature roses or any other small flower that appeals to you.

Place tea light candles in empty baby food jars with labels removed.

If you are assigning guests to seats, use fabric squares as the place cards. Have each guest decorate her square and have someone sew all of the squares together for baby’s first blanket.


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Tie a clothesline across the room. Using clothespins, hang assorted items on the clothesline. Colorful balloons are always a great addition to any party. Choose colors that fit your color scheme. Baby clothes, mobiles, bibs and blankets are fun but practical. As an alternative, instead of decorating the clothesline, hang each gift on the clothesline as it is opened.