Homemade '50's Themed Party

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Treat your guests to a glimpse of the mid-century lifestyle with an entertaining 1950's party. When planning a '50's party, show off your creativity by making homemade invitations, decorations and games. A trip to your local retail and craft store is all you need to get the memorable '50's party started.


Make basic invitations by printing pictures of socks or sunglasses and writing the party details on the back of each picture. Another idea is to inflate small inflatable jukeboxes, and write the party details on each one. Deflate the jukebox, and mail to your guests in padded envelopes. For a record invitation, use an old record and a paint pen, using the paint pen to write the party details on the record. Add a pair of crazy socks to the envelope of each invitation for added fun.


Decorate the party area with teal, black and pink party decorations. Make a large banner using butcher paper that reads, “Welcome to Gary's Diner.” Cover the floor with balloons, and hang musical instrument cutouts on the wall. Other items to hang on the wall include 1950's-themed posters, such as posters or pictures of a soda shop, hamburgers, root beer floats and hot rod cars. Hang old records from the ceiling and on the walls. Make a jukebox using a large appliance box, butcher paper, stickers and markers.


Ask your guests to dress up in their best '50's costume. Some ideas include poodle skirts, white shirts and cuffed jeans, scarves, cat eyeglasses, greased back hair, saddle shoes and bobby socks. Award a prize to the best, funniest and most creative '50's costume. For another 1950's-themed activity, allow your guests to make their own ice cream sundaes or root beer floats. Place a variety of ice cream, toppings, bowls and sundae glasses on a table. Make this activity into a contest by awarding a prize to the most creative sundae and root beer float.


Give each guest a white sock to make a “sock hop puppet.” Use buttons, fabric markers, googly eyes, fake eyelashes, glitter pens and fabric scraps. Award prizes to the funniest, scariest and best sock hop puppets. Host a dance contest and hula-hoop competition. Guests can show off their moves dancing to '50's music by artists like Elvis Presley, The Drifters and James Brown. Host a hula-hoop contest to see who can hoop the longest and who can do the best trick using a hula-hoop.