How to Hang Out With Your Girlfriend

gmast3r/iStock/Getty Images

Hanging out with your girlfriend doesn’t have to be dull just because you’re not dressing up and hitting the town. In fact, with a little ingenuity, your afternoons of casual get-togethers might end up far more memorable than an elegant evening soiree at an upscale restaurant. Try new things, learn about each other and include the other important people in your lives to keep your relationship fresh.

Small Screen

Turn off the sitcom reruns and use the TV to enhance your day together. If the two of you are gamers, battle it out for the title of champion in an afternoon-long video game competition. You can turn an ordinary movie night at home into a romantic evening; create a picnic on the living room floor, cuddled up together with all of your favorite goodies, or bring the TV out onto the backyard deck and make it a movie night under the stars. Play trivia if the two of you are movie buffs, but make the stakes exciting -- the victor wins a massage every date night for a week or a romantic, home-cooked dinner.

Double the Fun

While you’ll want plenty of one-on-one time with your gal, that doesn’t mean every minute has to be just the two of you. Invite friends over for a friendly poker game. Or, if betting isn’t up your alley, have a board game night with the group instead. You can play a game of baseball or football in the park, organize a volleyball game at the beach or indulge in a child-like game of Marco Polo in the backyard pool. Have a group snowball fight in the winter or play flashlight tag on a summer’s night. Split up into two groups and let your inner detectives loose with a photo scavenger hunt around town.

New Adventures

Infuse a little excitement into your relationship by doing new things together. You can visit a nearby museum or art gallery, volunteer with a charitable organization -- or do your own good deed by picking up trash at a local park. Paint your bedrooms one rainy afternoon; make it interesting by letting your girlfriend choose the color for your room while you pick the color for hers -- no questions asked. Create your first relationship photo album together or try whipping up a new concoction in the kitchen. Take your first road trip together if you have no weekend plans. Simply turn down a road you’ve never traveled and keep going with no particular destination in mind.

Gift of Gab

While you’re cuddling on the couch, get to know your girlfriend better. You can play a game of truth or dare, reveal your most humiliating or happiest childhood memories or share the stuff your daydreams are made of -- your dream job, ideal vacation, desired home or even crazy pet preference. Learn about each other’s views on a wide variety of topics -- from the mundane to the absurd -- by writing 20 different topics on slips of paper and pulling them one at a time from a hat for the two of you to discuss.