Graduation Gift for My Daughter's Boyfriend

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Whether you know your daughter's boyfriend well or have only just met him, giving him a graduation gift is a nice gesture that will make you look generous and kind, while also pleasing your daughter. Even if you don't know him well, a small and thoughtful present will suggests that you are open to getting to know him better.

An Event for Two

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Whether it is front row seats to a concert or a simple movie date, giving your daughter and her boyfriend a chance to spend quality time together makes a wonderful graduation present. After the pressure of finals and graduation, the two of them can relax and have some fun together. Not only will the boyfriend enjoy this present, your daughter can too.

A Gift Card

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Most students don't make a lot of money and live a frugal lifestyle. By graduation, they look forward to getting a job and their first paycheck. To help your daughter's boyfriend start a life outside of school, give him a gift card to all-purpose stores such as Target or Walmart. He can use the gift card on chairs, silverware, food, or anything else that will help him ease into the real world.

Baked Treats

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Homemade treats make a warm and personalized present. While simple, they take effort to make. Plus, they taste delicious and would certainly satisfy the young man's appetite. Find out from your daughter what his favorite baked goods are, and ask her if he has any allergies before preparing anything.

Designer Accessories

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If your daughter's boyfriend is into fashion, give him a designer accessory as a graduation gift. Even if he is not Mr. GQ, he will be grateful to receive a pair of luxurious cuffs or a pair of name brand sunglasses. Designer accessories look fashionable, but don't need to cost a fortune. You can often find them at discount stores for half the price. Presentable and affordable, they make a thoughtful and practical graduation gift.