Ideas for Gifts for 5th Grade Graduation


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Gifts for kids graduating from fifth grade should reflect your acknowledgment of their more grown-up status; after all, they’ll soon be middle school students. Whether your gift is just a small token to mark the occasion or a major recognition of the event, keep in mind how these students see themselves.

Weekend Trip

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Consider letting your fifth-grader help plan a weekend trip as a graduation celebration. Set a budget, decide who will be going along and guide the graduate in planning a destination, transportation, accommodations and activities. A bonus gift might be a camera to record the events of the weekend.

Bank Account

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Ten- and 11-year-olds are capable of understanding how a bank account works and the advantages of having one. Starting the account and then agreeing to fork over matching funds for every dollar the student saves will be a strong incentive not to spend every cent he or she receives as gifts or allowance.

Personal Interests

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Recognize the future middle school student's interests by investing in a gift that will advance those interests. For example, give a young musician some private lessons. Budding scientists would appreciate a chemistry set. A set of grown-up art supplies would thrill a young artist. A new bike is a perfect gift for boys and girls who enjoy riding.


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Consider a gift that recognizes a child’s friendships; buy two tickets to a ballgame or other event so he will be able to invite a friend. A packet of movie tickets with concession stand coupons is another option.


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For starting sixth grade, kids like to have the coolest backpack ever, complete with all the extra sections and pockets. If you’re not sure you can make the best choice yourself, give the graduate a gift certificate for a store that carries a wide variety.

Personalized Items

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Everything from a sharp-looking pen with her name printed in gold to a monogrammed wallet can be big ego boosters for the fifth-grade graduate. A graduate might also like a large personalized sign for her room or a poster-size image of himself to hang on the wall.