Good Outfits for Big Busted Women

Siri Stafford/Photodisc/Getty Images

Whether you call it well-endowed, curvaceous or busty, finding clothes to fit a generous bust can be a challenge. A larger bustline can accompany a heavier or slimmer figure, but many of the fitting challenges remain the same, regardless of your size. Loose-fitting clothing may leave you looking dowdy and matronly, while garments that are too tight or too-low cut are not office-appropriate and may bare more than you'd like. The right silhouettes, outfits and wardrobe basics can keep you and your bust looking your best.

Terrific Tops

Whether you're dressing for the office or a relaxed weekend day, the same shapes and silhouettes can flatter your bust. Don tops that emphasize the smallest parts of your torso, either directly below the bust or at your natural waistline. Empire-waist tops, princess-seamed blouses, wrap styles and even basic, fitted tees all create an hourglass shape. Skip the high necklines in favor of open v-neck styles, worn with a camisole if necessary. Fabrics with some stretch, including knits and cotton-Spandex woven blends, are more likely to accommodate your curves. Some styles, including a classic button-down, are only appropriate if you're willing to invest in tailoring or pay for a pricier top sold specifically for full-busted figures.

Beautiful Blazers

Blazers and cardigans are a wardrobe must for both casual and office wear. Invest in at least one well-fitting, single-breasted blazer, preferably with at least two to three buttons. Have it tailored to fit your body and pair it with everything from a matching skirt or trousers to jeans. Choose fitted cardigans with a v-neck or wear crewneck cardigans open, rather than buttoned. Looser cardigan styles can be flattering if belted to emphasize the waistline.

Basic Bottoms

Bottoms include both skirts and pants. While your bust may not determine which styles look best on you, depending upon your figure, you may want to use your pants and skirts to help balance your bust. Skip the skinny jeans in favor of a boot-cut or trouser style to add width to your lower body. Opt for A-line or full skirts to create the same effect. If you have a curvaceous hourglass figure, your body may be evenly proportioned, even with a larger bust. In that case, you can embrace fuller styles or more fitted ones.

Dazzling Dresses

For everyday casual and office wear, use the same basic principles when choosing dresses, opting for styles that emphasize your waist and open up your chest. For formal wear the fit is essential, particularly in strapless styles. Look for sweetheart necklines or v-necklines, strong waist definition and structured bodices when choosing evening wear. Straight-across necklines and deep plunging ones are not a good match with your curves. While a good bra is essential, a strongly structured dress or gown can also help to keep your figure looking its best.