Good Ideas for Boys' Basketball Goodie Bags

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After a basketball-themed party or to celebrate the end of a basketball season, give away goodie bags. These basketball-themed bags should contain items of interest to basketball players and aficionados. Look for items to fill the bags from party or sporting goods stores to match the age of the recipients.

Player Pack

To treat players on a boys' basketball team at the end of the season, give away goodie bags that will serve the players in future seasons. Fill a small drawstring gym bag with items needed by basketball players after a game. Add protein bars, a sport-top water bottle and a congratulatory note from the coach inside for a great season.


Create a basketball goodie bag filled with treats inspired by basketball game equipment. Packages of orange and black iced cookies that resemble basketballs can be added to the goodie bag with small bags of basketball-shaped chocolates. Instead of wrapping the goodies into a paper sack, put them into a mesh bag to resemble a basketball net.

Basketball Game

Center a basketball goodie bag around a foam ball basketball game. These have suction cups on the back of the plastic basketball hoop for hanging on a wall. Combine these with a team poster of the boys' favorite basketball team to make the goody bag. Use a canvas or drawstring bag for the goodie bag to hold the treats.

Team Highlights

Make up a customized goodie bag for the members of a boys basketball team if the games were recorded over the course of the season. Take the recordings and compile highlights from the season onto a DVD. Package each highlight reel DVD in a CD jewel case with a basketball picture taped to the front of it. For a general basketball-themed party, make a highlight reel of the boys' favorite professional or college team for the goodie bag.