Good Gift Ideas for Turning 18

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The eighteenth birthday is a symbolic one: it signals the transition from childhood to adulthood. It’s also the age where many teens graduate from high school and look to their next adventure in life. If someone in your life is turning eighteen, it’s important to find the right gift that helps celebrate his accomplishments while encouraging him toward the next step.

Inspirational Books

The transition into adulthood is scary. Help smooth these changes with encouraging books that show your teen that his feelings are normal and that most young adults feel unsure about their new roles in adulthood.

Inspirational books can be found online and at local bookstores. Make the gift especially meaningful by finding inspirational books that deal with a subject close to your teen’s heart. For example, if he’s headed off to college, give books about succeeding in college; or, if he’s headed off to the military, find books that reinforce his decision.


Everyone likes receiving money, especially on birthdays. Consider giving the eighteen year old a lump sum of money and specify where you would like the money to be spent. For example, if you’re giving $25 or $50, suggest that he spend it on a night at the movies, clothes or the latest video game. If you’re giving more, specify if you want it spent on an upcoming trip abroad, for college or even for new clothing.

The amount of money you give is completely up to you – don’t break your budget by giving more than you can afford. The teen in your life will appreciate any amount he receives, no matter if it’s $10 or $1,000.

Digital Camera

Digital cameras make fantastic eighteenth birthday gifts! Since your teen's life changes so quickly, photographing his life now will help preserve his memories for years to come.

Today’s digital cameras have more features at lower prices, including higher pixel counts, advanced photo options and even wi-fi for direct upload to the web. You can find a nice digital camera ranging in price from $100 to $500 at specialty camera stores, electronics shops and even discount retailers. Also, don’t forget to give a memory card and extra batteries to go with the digital camera.


Computers are becoming a necessity in life, especially for college students. If the eighteen year old in your life is getting ready for college, consider giving him a laptop to help with his classes.

Computers are now available for purchase everywhere from specialty stores to discount retailers for very attractive prices – you can even find brand-new laptops for under $500.