Gifts for the Visually Impaired

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When you're shopping for someone who is visually impaired, consider gifts that might help him live his life more easily. For example, you might choose items that audibly provide information. Other gifts might include items that he can enjoy with his other senses. For instance, someone who can't see can still enjoy the delights of food and music.


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Just because a person cannot see well enough to read a traditional book doesn't mean that she can't enjoy the written word. For a visually impaired person who can read Braille, choose a book produced in Braille. However, some visually impaired people who begin losing their sight later in life don't learn to read Braille. For someone who can't read Braille, you can purchase audiobooks, as well as an MP3 for listening to her audiobooks. Many authors record their own books, so this is a fun treat for someone who loves literature but is visually impaired.

Practical Gifts

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Choose a practical gift to help a visually impaired person live life more easily. For example, you can find clocks or watches that will audibly tell you what time it is when you press a button. Other "speaking" items are also available for visually impaired people include computers, calculators, appliances and thermometers. You can also find a set of stationery that is made for someone who is visually impaired, but not blind. This stationery has thick, black lines so that the person can see where to write.

Music and Electronic Devices

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People who cannot see well often come to love doing things with their other senses, such as listening to music. Buy a visually impaired person an electronic device that enables her to listen to her favorite groups and artists whenever she wants. Upload lots of different music on the device for her. You can find electronic devices on which she can upload music, audiobooks, as well as record her own voice to create things like shopping lists. You might also purchase tickets to the opera or a concert by a musical group or singer that you know she loves.


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Although visually impaired people cannot see their food well, they can still enjoy it. The scents of cooking food, along with the sounds, such as the sizzle of sauteing onions, can be quite pleasing. Take your visually impaired friend to a popular restaurant for dinner, or cook her dinner in her own home. Another fun, food-related gift could be a food-of-the-month club. You can find all kinds of food clubs, such as cheese, steaks or even beer.