Gifts for a Pre-Med Student

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If you know a college student who is planning to enter medical school or is currently studying pre-med, there are a variety of gifts available that you can give that commemorate and celebrate their decision to enter the medical field. Whether you choose to give a gift that is designed to help them prepare for taking the MCAT, a sentimental medical related gift, a practical gift or a humorous present, one thing is for sure -- your thoughtfulness will be appreciated.

MCAT Study Material

Pre-med college students who plan on applying to medical school must take the Medical College Admission Test or MCAT. A thoughtful and useful gift for a pre-med student would be test preparation materials. There are study guides available that cover the verbal reasoning and writing aspects of the test, as well as individual guides that address the different science requirements. Many of the guides provide online video support and practice tests. You can purchase the materials at online retailers or directly from the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Sentimental Yet Practical Gifts

A great gift for your pre-med student might be something that symbolizes their future career. A stethoscope, neuro hammer or leather physician's bag engraved with their name or initials is not only appropriate, but is also a great reminder of the reason for their long study sessions and hard work. Another good choice would be a basic medical student package that includes a variety of instruments that a pre-med student will need when he enters medical school. The kits include an otoscope, an ophthalmoscope and a blood pressure kit.

Humorous Gifts

The web is full of wonderfully funny and cute gifts to give a pre-med student that will bring a smile to their face. There is a wide variety of clothing items available online, including T-shirts, hoodies, hats and sleep pants that are adorned with sayings like "Please don't feed the pre-med student" and "Premed students are fragile, handle with care." If you don't want to give clothing, you can get the same saying on bumper stickers, coffee mugs, mouse pads and key chains

All Around Great Gifts

Pre-med students have the same basic needs as other students. Money is always in short supply so phone cards and gift cards to bookstores, restaurants and department stores are always great gifts. If you are thinking on a larger scale and want to get your student something that they need but can't afford, computers and computer accessories are a good choice as are airline tickets to fly home for the holidays or during spring break if they are attending college in another state.