Gifts for 19-Year-Old Guys

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As a young man, a 19-year old is likely to have already enrolled in college or began his working life. A 19-year-old has firmly established his hobbies, interests and tastes. The key to finding the perfect gift is to understand what he enjoys doing and match your gift accordingly. From computers to music, there are a whole host of options to choose from to suit all budgets.

iPad or Tablet PC

An iPad or tablet PC such as the Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Xoom or BlackBerry Playbook is a useful gadget for teen guys because of the portability they offer. From catching up with emails, surfing the web or downloading applications that relate to his interests, the hand-held gadget is lightweight to carry around. If an iPad or tablet PC is out of your price range, choose a notebook laptop that will still offer him portability and built-in Wi-Fi.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are useful gifts for guys in their late teens that are short on cash. College is an expensive time, and he may not be always able to afford luxuries such as dining out. Choose a gift certificate for a restaurant, coffee house or movie theater so he can treat himself without the guilt. Alternatively, purchase a gift certificate for an online store that sells books and music so he can select items for study or pleasure.

Sports Equipment

Many teen guys enjoy watching or playing sports. If he prefers to watch, tickets to a big game, a biography about his favorite sports star or a sport-related DVD or video game are all suitable options. If enjoys playing a particular sport, purchase a piece of equipment to help him carry out his hobby such as new golf balls, knee-pads or sneakers, depending upon the sport he plays.


Teens and music go hand in hand. It is likely he already owns an iPod or MP3 player, so choose a gift that relates to this. If he enjoys jogging or working out, purchase an armband designed to keep his iPod in place as he exercises. Alternatively, new headphones or iPod speakers will allow him to listen to his music at its optimum quality. In addition, purchase a gift certificate for a music store that will allow him to select his own music without your having to second-guess his tastes.