Gift Suggestions for a 40th Wedding Anniversary

The 40th wedding anniversary is also known as the ruby anniversary. Rubies are the traditional symbol of this anniversary, with garnet, a silicate mineral, being the modern equivalent. Gifts featuring this gemstone are appropriate, but substituting anything red is acceptable. Whether you are looking for an unforgettable gift for your spouse or a one-of-a-kind present for a couple, there are red choices available for every budget.


Ruby-encrusted rings and other jewelry, tie tacks or cuff links are sophisticated and elegant gifts for a ruby anniversary. Use a ruby red box or tie a large red ribbon around a silver, white or gold gift box to complete the theme. Garnet or red Swarovski crystal jewelry is a chic, yet less expensive, substitution.

Anniversary watches are available in his and hers designs. The hours on the dial are marked with rubies or other red gems. These formal watches are a beautiful and practical alternative to traditional jewelry. Other ruby-themed items include ruby or red gemstone-encrusted clocks or photo albums.


Ruby-red glass and decor accents can be every bit as appreciated as the traditional ruby jewelry gifts. A set of red crystal glasses, serving bowls or glass bar set is a way for the couple to relive their anniversary every time they entertain. Engraved red wine glasses with a bottle of red wine are a romantic gift for one partner to give to another. Have your names, wedding date or your monogram engraved on each glass. This intimate and sentimental gift will remind you of the four decades of love you have shared each time you use the glasses.

Glass vases and candle holders---in ruby red, of course---are other traditional gifts for a 40th anniversary. Red blown glass ornaments and figurines can become heirlooms. If your spouse collects items in a certain theme, such as angels, red blown glass versions can enhance the collection. Look for figurines with a plaque attached and choose a few words---to commemorate your love---to be engraved on it.


Surprise your spouse with 40 long-stem red roses, a romantic gesture that plays on the theme of your anniversary. The nasturtium is the flower associated with the ruby anniversary; a bouquet of these intensely bright flowers is a statement in itself.

Red lingerie and red wine make for an adults-only evening that proves the passion is still alive after all these years. Celebrate with a vacation to the Bahamas and the Ruby Golf Course, celebrating with the lingerie and wine after watching the sunset together.