A Gift for a Special Friend to Say "Thank You for Your Friendship"

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Mother's Day, Father's Day, Secretary's Day, baby showers, weddings, anniversaries -- sometimes it seems like friendship gets the short shrift in the holiday department. Luckily, you don't need a special day to show your friend you care. If your friend has helped you through a hard time, has gone through a hard time himself or simply makes you laugh, you can give a gift that shows how much you value the friendship -- and you might even want to include a note explaining what the friendship means to you.

Photo Gifts

Give your friend a gift that exemplifies your friendship -- a photo of you and your friend! You can turn a photo into just about anything using sites such as Zazzle.com. Make an iPhone case, a bag or a mug. If you can't decide on a single picture, make a calendar with a photo (or quote) for each month or a photo album of your time together. Make a scrapbook the old-fashioned way or go high-tech on sites like Blurb.com.

Something To Do Together

Give a gift that you can use together. The more the gift is related to your friendship, the better. For example, if you go for a weekly run together, get her exercise gear or pay the fee for you both to take a workout class. Take him to dinner at a restaurant you both frequent (or used to frequent). Get two tickets to a concert, sporting event or movie.

Handmade Gifts

Without laying down too much dough, you can make a gift that comes from the heart (and hands). A mixed CD, a necklace or a scarf are all go-to gifts, depending on your friend's interests, but you can also use your particular strengths to make the perfect gift. For example, if you're an awesome baker, make your friend a pie and include a note with your favorite recipe on it. If you're great with cars, offer your friend a free oil change or other car maintenance.

Tailored Gifts

Finally, you could get a gift tailored to your friend, showing that you care about your friend's interests even if they aren't your own. Get paraphernalia for her favorite hobby, or give him something he's mentioned he's always wanted. If your friend is actively involved in a particular cause, make a donation to that cause in your friend's name.