Valentine's Day Gifts for a Crush

Which way to the heart? Labyrinth, a silhouette and a heart image by Stasys Eidiejus from

If you have a crush on somebody, Valentine’s Day is the holiday to let him or her know it. It can be extremely scary to reveal your feelings to someone, but at a time of year where gift giving and gestures of affection are the norm, you can make a subtle or not so subtle hint that you care.

Photo Box

A photo box is a small container that holds photos and memories that you’ve shared with a person. If you have been holding on to such memorabilia due to your feelings for that person, this is an easy gift to put together. A small jewelry box works well for the container and you can add pictures of you and the crush, ticket stubs to trips you went on together, or any merchandise you picked up on the trip. If you have not revealed your feelings for this person, a photo box can be a major, obvious clue that you have been harboring these feelings for quite some time.

Dance Lessons

There are few things people would rather do than spend time with their crush. To force the issue a bit, purchase group dance lessons for you and the crush to take together. Group lessons are often not incredibly expensive and they give you the opportunity to be social in a group but out with your crush at the same time. Plus, it never hurts to dance cheek to cheek with the person you have feelings for. Some types of dancing that work well for this gift are salsa, swing, and the tango.

Suggestive Candy or Music

For the person who would like to make a more subtle confession of feelings, suggestive candy or music work well. The simplest type of candy is the conversation heart with phrases like "Be mine" or "I choose you" on them. Since these are so popular during Valentine's Day, they might be overlooked, so if you want to make more of an impression, buy a conversation lollipop or chocolate bar. Suggestive music involves creating a mix CD or download for your crush. Using songs that you have shared together or songs that simply talk about love may work wonders.


The poem is a hit or miss effort depending on how well you can write and how receptive your crush would be to such a gift. This poem can be in the form of a sappy love poem, a humorous limerick, a Shakespearean sonnet, or anything else you would like to put down on paper. A poem tells your crush that you are too frightened to confess your feelings in person but that you still feel deeply for him or her. Place the poem on special paper and write it by hand for extra effect.

8-Bit Life Shirt

This shirt is quite the funny gag gift that gives you and your crush an opportunity to be close to one another. Playing off the video game system made famous by the Nintendo game the Legend of Zelda, your shirt has light up hearts on the front of it representing your health or happiness. When two such shirts are close together, all the hearts light up; when they are apart, only half the hearts light up. If you and your crush are both wearing the shirt, you will be able to get him or her to come close to you based solely on what you’re wearing. This is a gift that may appeal to video game nerds quite well.