Birthday Ideas for a Crush

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So you've been crushing on someone for a while, and you've just found out that he has a birthday next week. You're left wondering what type of token gift could be presented to him without you coming on too strong; you want to grab his attention, not frighten him. Finding the perfect gift for a crush depends on your level of comfort.

Gift Cards

A gift card can be given to someone who likes to shop or if you are unsure about exactly what your crush will enjoy. Available to specific stores, malls and online retailers, the amount you put on the gift card depends on the intensity of the friendship between you and your crush, as well as your budget. If you and your crush have been friends for a while, you may want to add a few extra dollars onto the gift card to signal a possible interest in becoming something more than friends. If you are not friends, give what you can afford so that your crush will know that you care.


Buying music for a crush can take two different routes. You can make him a mixed compact disc or media file that includes his favorite bands or songs. Media files can be transferred through email, social networking sites or portable media file players. Alternatively, you can buy your crush credits to an online music store, where he can purchase the music of his choice, or you can buy him a compact disc of his favorite band.


Flowers are traditional gifts, and girls love receiving floral arrangements. The size of the arrangement will depend both on your existing relationship and your budget. A single rose signifies romance, so if you are friends with your crush, this gift can alert her to your changing feelings. Arrangements made of a girl's favorite type of flower are also nice; if you don't know the girl's favorite flower, a dozen roses is a standard gift for a girl for her birthday.

Journals and Art Books

Create a homemade journal or art book for a crush with artistic tendencies. Visit your local craft store and purchase a journal with a plain cover. Use decorations found around the craft store to personalize the journal for your crush. For example, purchase alphabet stickers to spell a name or fairy stickers for admirers of fantasy lore. If necessary, use a hot glue gun to attach the decorations to the front of the book. Use all the knowledge you possess about your crush's personality and interests to design a unique cover.


Create a magnet for your crush by gluing magnets to the back of a picture, foam shape or postcard. For added appeal, glue a variety of pictures, foam shapes or postcards together to form a collage. Turn the collage over, glue a small magnet to the back, and allow the creation to dry. Use pictures and images depicting you and your crush together if you are friends, or depicting your crush's interests if you are not currently close. You can incorporate a message or a favorite saying to personalize the magnet.