Gift Ideas for Dads Aged 66

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When it comes to Dad, you want to find the perfect gift. But what do you get the guy who patiently taught you how to drive a stick shift when you got your learner’s permit and who proudly walked you down the aisle on your wedding day? It’s a hard question to answer because no gift ever seems good enough, especially if you are hoping to express your love and gratitude to the one man who gave you both life and unconditional love. The good news is, as he’s reached retirement age, there is hope in finding just the right gift.


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For the dad who has an appreciation for the finer things in life, such as the taste of microbrewed beer, a membership to a beer-of-the-month club would hit the spot. This is a clever way to celebrate his 66th year by toasting in a new beer every month. And sitting down over a couple of cold ones with the old man could become something for you to look forward to as well.

Golf Clubs

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For the dad looking to improve his game on the green, a new set of golf clubs would be just the thing. Since he is about to embark upon his well-deserved retirement, it would be a nice gesture to throw in a good pair of gloves and shoes.

Historical Documentaries

For the intellectual dad who loves history, select a set of documentary DVDs that include such subjects as World War I, World War II and anything NASA. You might consider expanding his already expansive knowledge of history by including more recent titles such as "From the Earth to the Moon," starring Tom Hanks, Nick Searcy, Lane Smith and David Andrews. Not only are documentaries a way for you and your dad to learn about the history of your country together, but it’s a priceless way to learn more about your dad and his experience with the subject—depending how far back you go.

Season Tickets

If your dad is a die-hard sports fan, and you really want to acknowledge his being there for you during your Little League games, get a pair of season tickets to the home games for his favorite sport’s team. Depending upon the seats, this gift can get pretty pricey. But if you are determined to give a gift that could put him in the middle of all the sports action, then this is just the ticket. It's a smart way for you to spend some quality time with your dad, should he invite you to tag along to some of the games.