Gift Ideas for a 50-Year-Old Man

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A 50-year-old man enjoys the same types of gifts as other men. Gifts that reflect his personal style, tastes and interests are appreciated. Determine his style or taste by looking at his clothing and home decor. The best clue about his interests comes from how he spends his time and money.


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Pick clothing that features his favorite sport or team player, such as jerseys, sweaters, polo shirts, caps or T-shirts. Or, give him a nice raincoat with a large umbrella for inclement weather. A warm bathrobe, a couple of sweaters and a nice pair of slacks work well.


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Buy an item for one of his hobbies. If he collects stamps or coins, find an unusual stamp or coin for a gift; if it is fishing, give him a fishing pole reel. If he has model cars or airplanes around his home, then give him a kit, while a musician might prefer new sheet music or strings for his guitar.


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Consider a signet ring or a pocket watch engraved with his name. Another option is a watch with additional features, like a stop watch. A rope chain necklace or bracelet might be appreciated.


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Add new DVD movies or artist CDs to his existing collection. Or, if he collects duck decoys, give him one that is hand painted. If he collects books, find a first edition, preferably signed by the author. Or maybe he has a collection of wood masks, marble shapes or leather items; if so, find a gift to add to his collection.

Sports Tickets

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Buy event tickets if he is a sports fan, such as tickets to the rival football game, basketball playoffs, NASCAR race or golf open. Other options include soccer or hockey games, season baseball tickets, stock car races, car shows, gun shows and fishing expos.