Gift Ideas for 60 Year Old Men

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The older you get the more you should celebrate birthdays. For a man hitting the 60 year old mark, think of something fun and active as a present. Be creative and think of his hobbies and interests and use that as an idea for a birthday gift. The point is to enjoy the day and the new milestone.

A Day of Golf

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Playing golf allows participants to go outside, enjoy the sunshine and be active. Also, it is a good place to socialize, which helps boost health and happiness. If the recipient enjoys golf, this is a perfect gift, if not, then it gives him a chance to try something new. To make it more fun, set it up for a few of his buddies to join the golf day. If anything, they can just grab some beers at the local snack shack and just hit a few balls.

A Gift Certificate to a Restaurant

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Find a local restaurant that has rave reviews and that is a bit up scale with a great environment. Pick a place that is for a special occasion and not usually an option for a quick night out. Make sure it serves the kind of food that the recipient enjoys. Do a little research and set up a night for the birthday boy and someone else to have a nice dinner out. Or, take him there yourself. If you chose to give a gift certificate, make sure it is enough for a full course meal and maybe a couple glasses of wine.

Certificate to a Chiropractor or a Massage

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When you get to a certain age, a lot of new aches and pains can come up. So, find a chiropractor for the birthday boy to visit. This gift is appropriate to give if you are family or a very close friend because you need to make sure you set up an appointment with a doctor who takes the recipient's insurance. If this idea makes you feel uncomfortable, give a gift certificate to get a massage. This is a relaxing birthday idea.

A Dance Lesson

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Give a gift certificate for the recipient and his significant other, or just a date, to get ballroom or salsa dance lessons. Research a local dance studio and they will most likely be able to set up a one on one lesson. This is another way to stay active, which is good for a 60 year old man.