Fun Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Year Olds

Birthday celebrations should be special each year, especially when a child marks their first decade. Picking a theme can be hard, but once one is chosen, the party can really take off. By the day of the party, the anticipation and excitement will be in high gear.

Pool Party

By the time they turn 10, children are comfortable enough to swim on their own with minimal adult supervision. This is the perfect age to host a pool party where the children can enjoy themselves and participate in pool games. One pool game for multiple children is a treasure hunt.

Use a dozen or more ping pong balls and label some with numbers 1 through 5 while leaving the rest blank. Throw all of the pools into the ball and have the children retrieve them. Whoever collects balls with numbers earns a prize assigned to that number. You can do the same game with coins for more advanced swimmers because the coins will sink to the bottom.

Movie Night

Host a sleepover movie night. Make various kinds of popcorn such as buttered, caramel, cheese and kettle. Provide other snacks and before the movie screening begins, play some movie-themed games.

Play movie charades to act out popular movies. Write out lines from popular moves that the children can role play. Host a treasure hunt to find the movie that children will watch. Create a movie-themed cake in the style of a film reel, DVD disc or a popular movie.


Enjoy the great outdoors by hosting a campout for 10-year-olds. The backyard is perfect location to pitch tents, and activities can be catered toward the outdoors.

Split the children into groups of two and hold a tent race to get tents set up. Create a s'more-style cake and let children roast their own marshmallows over a fire. Have the children tell ghost stories and sing songs around the fire. Eliminate all electronic devices to make the party about nature.

Pop Culture

Turn your child's favorite character into a birthday party. For example, fans of Indiana Jones can enjoy an adventure party filled with games and puzzles associated with the adventurer. A SpongeBob Squarepants party can feature water-based games and themed food such as crabby patties. A Hannah Montana party can feature karaoke contests and Hannah dress-up contests.

Tea Party

Treat 10-year-old girls to a traditional tea party. Have all of the girls wear party dresses and formal wear. Set up a table with all the trimmings, including a fancy tablecloth, fine china and snacks such a cookies.

Treat the girls like royalty and act as their server for the day. Play etiquette games and other games that teach girls about the upperclass life.