Exciting Games and Ideas for Long-Distance Relationships

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Maintaining the fun and excitement in a long-distance relationship can sometimes seem like a challenge; the miles between the two of you make conventional relationship activities like a night at the movies or an afternoon at an amusement park impossible. However, all you need to do is invest a little creativity and planning and you’ll be rewarded with a variety of exciting ways to keep your romance sparking.

Sentimental Scavenger Hunts

For couples who have spent some time together face-to-face, reminisce over your time together with a long-distance scavenger hunt. Make a list of several places you’ve visited together in your respective hometowns and then head out together -- miles apart -- to photograph each of those locations. You can make it a competition by seeing who can photograph the most places in an allotted amount of time or determine the winner by who makes it through the entire list fastest. Alternatively, turn the scavenger hunt into an opportunity to find out just how well you know each other. Write down a variety of clues, such as “my favorite food,” “the first instrument I learned to play” and “my favorite animal.” Have your partner make a list of his own and then challenge each other to find pictures or snap photos of the answers to the clues.

Care Package Competitions

If you’ve been involved in your long-distance relationship for a while, you’ve likely had plenty of opportunities to talk and learn about each other. Now it’s time to find out just how good your listening skills have been with a friendly little competition. You each start with an empty box the same size and allot a designated amount of time -- one day, a week or an entire month -- to fill the boxes with items that are personalized to your partner. If you discovered your partner’s favorite childhood treat during one of your late night conversations, hunt it down and add it to your box. You can include postcards of favorite vacation spots, a favorite novel, comic book or DVD. Continue for the allotted time and then send the boxes off in the mail. When the packages arrive, find out which one is filled with the most customized, personalized little gifts.

Notes of Love

Design calendars for each other to help count down the days to a big event, such as an anniversary or a meet-up. You can make a calendar for the entire year or even just one month. Cover each day of the month with a sticky note and write a short message on the back of each one. The notes can be sweet and sentimental or sexy and naughty. Add photos of the two of you together if you’ve met before or photos of you if the first meeting is still something in which you’re anticipating. Mail off your calendars; now you and your significant other can start each day with a sweet or sensual reminder of the other. Alternatively, each of you can start a journal and record a thought, note or romantic message in the book each day. At the end of the month, mail off the journals and look forward to reading all of the messages from your partner.

An Evening In

Even though you are miles apart, there’s no reason you can’t spend an evening together -- particularly with the help of a webcam. Plan a fun or romantic evening together and then set up your webcams so you can enjoy it together. You can each prepare a romantic dinner and gaze into each other’s eyes in the candlelight, or pour a glass of champagne and spend the evening together in front of the fireplace. You can make the evening a little racier by indulging in a long-distance bubble bath, or keep it light and fun over a game of poker.