Easy Breakfast Potluck

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Breakfast or brunch potlucks are a great way to get people together in the early part of the day. Since so many breakfast items are prepared at the last minute, many people are at a loss as to what to bring to a breakfast potluck. If you choose recipes that can be prepared ahead of time or do not have to be heated, you should have no problem coming up with easy dishes to bring to the party.

Host Duties

The great news about hosting a potluck is that you don't have to prepare all the food yourself, but that doesn't mean that you don't have responsibilities. If you're hosting the potluck you should still prepare a dish or two for your guests. Since the party is taking place at your house, you will have full access to your own kitchen, so prepare eggs, pancakes, bacon or other items that require immediate serving. As the host you should also provide beverages like juice, milk and coffee. Naturally, you will also have to prepare the buffet table and supply cutlery, plates and napkins.

Main Courses

If you're a guest at a breakfast potluck you may want to bring a main course that can be almost fully prepared at home. Your best bet for a main course is a breakfast casserole or a frittata, which is an oven-cooked omelet: beat eggs and seasoning mix, add chopped veggies and meat, start in a skillet on the stovetop and finish in the oven. There are many different kinds of breakfast casserole recipes to try, most of which contain a combination of typical breakfast ingredients like eggs, bread, cheese and hash brown potatoes. Many such casseroles must be assembled the evening before the day you plan to eat them so that the uncooked eggs can soak into the bread. Ask your host if there is enough room in the oven for you to either fully cook or warm up your casserole at the potluck.

Baked Goods

Since many other guests are likely to bring a variation of the breakfast casserole, you may choose to bring some baked goods for the potluck table. Muffins and scones are good options and you can choose to make them as healthy or as sweet as you'd like by adding nutritious elements like flax and bran or treats like fruit or chocolate chips and nuts. If you really want to bring a treat, bake up a batch of gooey cinnamon rolls or sticky buns.

Fruit and Goodies

You aren't limited to carbohydrate or meat and egg-based dishes with your potluck contribution. Bring a large platter of fresh fruit with a bowl of cream cheese dip. If you know how many people are expected to attend, build small yogurt parfaits for everyone to try. Homemade granola is another crowd-pleaser -- bring a container of your own, packed with oatmeal, nuts and dried fruit.