Date Night Ideas With Bad Weather

Michael Blann/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The treacherous weather conditions outside have put a damper on date night with your significant other. You may be stumped about what to do or where to go since you planned the outdoors as the perfect setting for your date. Fortunately, there are several ways you can bring sunshine indoors and still enjoy each other's company.

Indoor Picnic

The romantic picnic you planned for your date is now ruined due to the dreary weather outside. Recreate the experience inside with an indoor picnic. Invite your date to your kitchen to prepare baguette sandwiches or homemade pizza and a tossed salad. Set a dreamy atmosphere by dimming the lights and lighting a few candles in your living room. Move tables and chairs aside and lay a blanket on the floor. Sit down and gaze into each other's eyes as you enjoy your meal and listen to soft music.

Recreation Activities

Indoor sports games will keep you and your date entertained while the weather outside remains destructive. Take your date to the local bowling alley for a friendly competition to see who gets the most strikes. Think of a few romantic rewards for the winner of the game, such as a massage from the loser. Alternatively, spend the night holding hands as you roller skate around a rink. Impress your date by skating backwards. Laser tag is another fun option, particularly if you are both competitive.

Movie Marathon

The inclement weather will give you and your date the ideal opportunity to cozy up together in the living room. Gather a few blankets, grab some popcorn and snacks and then select a specific movie genre for the evening. Different genres will ignite different emotions, naturally. Romantic comedies will not only get you and your date laughing but allow you both to reminisce about special moments you shared together. If you decide on a horror movie marathon, your boyfriend will enjoy the fact that you find safety in his arms at all the scary parts. Consider watching a few animated classics from your childhood days. Alternatively, catch two or three of the latest movies in one night at a local theater.

Art Museum

An art museum will provide a safe haven for you and your date from the rain or snow. Check ahead of time to see if there are any museum exhibits on display for a limited time. Grab your date's hand and scroll through the museum together to marvel at the diverse, beautiful imagery and sculptures. Take a pause at any artwork that captures your eyes and ask your date to give a perspective on the piece. Read display description boxes together to give both of you a better appreciation of the artwork. If you're familiar with a certain painting or display, impress your date with all the details. End the day over a cup of coffee to discuss your favorite pieces.