Creative Wedding Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Wedding gift wrapping might cost as much as the present. You may want to spend more on the gift and less on the packaging. Wrap your gift in an unusual way so it stands out on the gift table. Creative gift wrapping saves you money and the couple will appreciate the personal touch.

Bow Alternatives

You don't have to top a wedding gift with a basic foil bow. Tie wire ribbon around the wedding gift for an elegant look. Place artificial flowers on top of the present in place of a bow. Clip mismatched earrings or brooches onto a ribbon for a bow alternative that sparkles.

Fabric Wrapping

Fabric is a green alternative to paper wrapping. The gift wrap can become part of the present. Use a tote bag, tablecloth, dishtowels or napkins to wrap your gift. This adds texture to your gift wrap and the couple won't have to throw it away.

Theme Gift Wrap

Continue the theme of the wedding onto your gift wrap. Theme wrapping allows your gift to blend in with the overall look of the wedding. Decipher the theme by looking at the wedding invitation. Wrap the present in craft paper or a brown grocery bag for a country wedding. Adorn your gift with raffia, twigs, faux bird’s eggs or natural elements.

Unusual Paper

You may have bought the gift in advance but forgot to wrap it until the last minute. If you can't afford wrapping paper or just want a creative gift, look around your home. You can use anything from old maps to crossword puzzles to wrap the wedding gift. Ensure that the paper doesn't have ink that will come off on hands or clothes.

The color of your paper can also add a creative element. Gold, white and silver are traditional colors for wedding wrap. Look for bold colors such as turquoise, orange or chocolate brown to give your gift a modern flair.

Personalized Gift Wrap

Keep a roll of craft or butcher paper in your home. This allows you to create wedding gift wrap for any wedding whenever you need it. Use rubber stamps to add embellishments to the paper such as monograms. Paint or draw on the paper. For a modern or Zen wedding use splashes of calligrapher’s ink for wrapping that resembles art. If you aren’t feeling artistic, write words on the gift wrap. This can be poetry or traits that the couple exemplifies. You can also print your own wrapping paper. Choose a simple clip art design. An outline will look more elegant that a cartoon version. This can be anything from a flower to an apple.