Children's Easter Bible Study Lessons

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Easter is celebrated in the Christian church as a way to commemorate the resurrection of Christ. For many children, the holiday is memorable for the basket of goodies they get from the Easter Bunny. Many Christian families combine secular and religious aspects of Easter, but if you'd like your kids to focus on the faith-based portion of the holiday, many fun lessons can help you teach your children about Christ's return from the dead.


You can teach children about Easter using a variety of materials. A Bible is useful as a reference to outline the Easter story. Gather age-appropriate materials, such as crayons and coloring pages, for younger kids and word search and crossword puzzles for older ones. Other craft supplies, such as tissue paper, plastic eggs, construction paper, scissors and glue, allow kids to make Easter-themed crafts to help reinforce the story.

Craft Ideas

Small projects are fun for kids and often make it easier for you to help them understand the story of Easter. Set aside a time with your kids to read through the Bible story and make a craft together. Have a coloring contest with each of your children coloring a Bible story page. Rip tissue paper into small pieces and glue them in mosaic fashion to a cross cutout, creating a stained glass look. Roll down the edges of a brown paper lunch bag as a tomb and glue a cutout of Jesus standing in the doorway to depict the resurrection. Make an Easter mini-book by having your kids write and draw pictures in sequence of the events at Easter. Staple the pages together to make the book and read it often.

Games and Activities

Children love to play games, and using Easter-themed games as part of your study of the holiday is a fun way to learn about the resurrection. Game activities may help your kids remember some of the details. Write the Easter story on a piece of paper by copying it from the Bible. Cut the story into several small chunks. Place each in a plastic Easter egg and hide the eggs around the house. Once your kids find all the eggs, challenge them to put the papers inside into the correct order. Have younger kids draw the characters in the Easter story onto paper and glue them to craft sticks. They can then act out the Easter story as a puppet show. Older kids may enjoy putting together their own skit to retell the story.


Some children might retain the Easter story after one telling, but most kids will need repeated readings to remember it. In the weeks leading up to Easter, plan a small craft or activity for each day. This makes the season special by giving kids something fun to look forward to every day, but it is also a great way to make sure they understand and remember the Bible story. Get out a calendar and write down a list of the activities you want to do. Choose one for each day and write it down on your calendar. Gather all your materials beforehand so you're ready when craft time comes.