How to Purchase Temple Garments

Mormons Gather For LDS Church's Semiannual Conference

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Faithful Mormon adults wear a special ceremonial garment under their clothing, often referred to as “Mormon underwear." These white, lightweight garments have a top and bottom, and are first worn during a Mormon’s first visit to the temple; then these symbolic threads are worn day and night to remind the wearer of his or her promises made to the church. Because of their symbolism and importance, these official garments cannot be purchased just anywhere, by just anyone. You must be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to buy them. However, temple garments may also refer to the white clothing worn to temple as outerwear during special events. Since these clothing items are not sacred, anyone can purchase them.

Purchase or rent your ceremonial temple garments from the church. Sacred clothing can be purchased through Church Distribution Services or rented from a Mormon temple. The online LDS store ( allows you to search for a nearby location.

Buy ceremonial temple undergarments at the LDS online store. You will be required to provide your membership record number and date of birth to see the garments. The number can be found on your church records or retrieved from your local ward clerk.

Purchase the white clothing worn as outerwear to temple for special events from the LDS store or another authorized retail outlet. Because these items are not as sacred, anyone can purchase them. They include ties, shirts, trousers, dresses, suit jackets, belts, suspenders, skirts, shoes, socks, slips, handkerchiefs and baptismal suits. In addition to buying them through the church store, several other online and brick-and-mortar stores sell the clothing as well.