Cheerleading Goodie Bag Ideas

by Jennifer Gibbons

Just about every little girl dreams of making the cheerleading team. If your daughter has landed a spot on hers. here are some ideas for goodie bag to give away when they win their first game.

The Goodie Bag

A cheerleading bag is a perfect start. All your other finds can go inside of it and it still has a function when the party is over. You can find cheerleading bags at online cheerleading supply outlets. Some will even customize your purchases.

Hair Ties and Accesories

You can purchase hair ties and socks to match the girls' uniforms. These come in different styles and help give the team a more coordinated look.

Fun Accessories

Temporary tattoos are a fun way to show spirit and and you can find ones that represent many different mascots. Other body art and glitter are also a good addition.

Dance Class

Another consideration is a gift certificate to your local dance studio. Every cheerleader likes an opportunity to hone her skills.


Gymnastics classes are another venue for enhancing cheerleaders' skills. One of your gift bag offerings can be a few lessons at the local gym.


About the Author

Jennifer Gibbons is a freelance writer in Florida. She has been writing professionally since 2001 and her work has appeared in magazines such as "Senior Living" and "Mature Lifestyles." She is working on a Bachelor of Arts at State College of Florida with a major in mass communications. Gibbons is also a professional photographer and an accomplished portrait artist.