Cheap Gift Ideas for Senior Citizens

Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

Purchasing the right inexpensive gift for a senior citizen can be difficult. Many seniors feel they have enough material things and really do not want more. As a loving family member who cares about this person, you still want to get something to honor the senior's birthday or other special occasion.

Radio Programs on CD

A CD containing old radio programs makes an inexpensive gift for seniors that will entertain them for hours. Radio shows that were popular in the 1930s, '40s, and '50s feature Jack Benny, Superman, The Lone Ranger, and Dragnet. Shows lengths run from 15 minutes to an hour. This gift is perfect for the senior who has problems with his or her eyesight or for one who would enjoy reliving memories from childhood.

Sentimental Items

Most senior citizens love to brag about their families, particularly their grandchildren. Help seniors show off their families by getting a photo tote bag for a lady or a photo quilt for either sex. Both items are decorative and have plastic inserts that allow the recipient to add his or her favorite photographs. These gifts vary in price. Discount stores sell photo tote bags for around $5, while higher-quality versions can run between $30 and $50.

Large Print Books

Many publishers now offer books and magazines in large print for those who have problems with eyesight. Books come in all categories, including fiction, action, romance, and biographies. Bibles are also available in large print. Put the book in a gift bag along with a bookmark and a book light that clips onto the book. Prices are comparable to books with regular print.