Can You Wear Ballet Flats With Evening Gowns?

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Not only are ballet flats comfortable, but with the latest dressy styles, they're also perfectly appropriate for formal occasions. When it comes to choosing the right style for your event, go for comfort first and then use textures and embellishments to set the ideal look.

Types of Formal Ballet Flats

Just because ballet flats don't have a heel doesn't mean they can't be formal. Ballet flats are an unexpected and stylish fashion move among the sea of sky-high platforms and stiletto heels. Brides can rest assured that ballet flats fit the occasion when choosing styles with embellishments such as pearls, sparkle, satin or velvet. Likewise, the comfort-loving fashionista can opt for ballet flats adorned with ribbons, bows, an ever-so-slight baby heel, encrusted diamonds and sequins when attending a formal event. For the best results, pair ballet flats with floor-length dresses and dressy trouser pants for the most stylish approach to reinventing your formal wear attire.