How Can I Find a Person Free of Cost?

by John London

These days, most information is stored in a digital form. A large part of this information is searchable online, making it easy to find anything you need, including people, in a matter of seconds and absolutely free of cost. In order to find a person on the Internet, you need to know his full name. If you know the person's place of residence or any other information about the person, it can also help in your search.

Visit White In order to find a person on White Pages, you need to know her first and last name, as well as her ZIP code the and city or state of the person's place of residence.

Search for the person on Yahoo! People Search. All you need to know is the person's last name. In addition, you can also specify the person's first name, city or town and state.

Find the person on Facebook, a free online social network. Millions of Americans have a Facebook account. This social network is particularly popular with young people and university graduates. In order yo get in touch with the person, you will need to register and then send her a friend request.

Look up the person on AnyWho, a free Internet resource. You can search for a person knowing nothing more than a his last name. However, knowing the person's first name and the city and state of residence will help.

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