Bridal Shower Decorating Ideas for Tulle

by Lisa Henshall ; Updated September 28, 2017

Frothy, light, ethereal and delicate---tulle is the perfect addition to wedding and bridal shower decor. Tulle, a finely-woven textile, is sheer and lightweight and comes in a wide array of colors. Just select your hue and then head to the local fabric store to buy your tulle. Purchase it by the roll---not by the bolt---especially if you need to decorate many tables or a large space. Tulle comes six feet wide and you'll have about 50 yards to work with in a roll, according to the experts at

Swags and tablecloths

For two simple decorations, tulle can be draped and pinned to create swags for your venue, or gathered and artfully bunched atop a colorful tablecloth for texture and contrast. No cutting, sewing or artistic ability needed.

Sparkling accents

A way to make a shower sparkle is by wrapping twinkling white lights in yards of tulle. The lights glow through the material and can then easily be draped over a table to accent a cake or centerpiece, as well as swagged in front of tables, along windows or a staircase.

Beautiful bows

Tulle can also be used to create dramatic bows. Typically attached to pews for the actual wedding, tulle bows can also do double duty adorning doors, tables and the backs of chairs at a shower.

A fabric with many uses

Don't stop with the traditional items, recommends:

-wrapping candles in tulle -using tulle as a cake topper -create a simple canopy for the cake table -wrap party favors or birdseed in it -or, if you want to get really creative, drape the entire ceiling with tulle and lights for a spectacular effect.

A tulle tip

One key tip from about working with tulle---drape it to store and transport. Do not fold or cram into a storage container as tulle smashes very easily.