Bridal Shower Centerpiece Ideas Using Kitchen Towels

Create a wedding-themed focal point for a bridal shower by creating a towel cake centerpiece. Make the towel cake from kitchen towels or bath towels in colors and designs that match the bride’s taste. Buy the towels from her bridal registry to be safe. Use the towel cake as a decoration during the shower, and present it as a gift to the bride at the end of the shower.


Use two kitchen towels and two kitchen dishcloths to create a two-tiered, small towel cake centerpiece. Fold the first kitchen towel in half length-wise; roll it up. Roll the second kitchen towel around the first; this is your bottom tier. Repeat this with the washcloths for the top tier. Create a three-tiered, large cake with two bath towels for the bottom tier, two hand towels for the middle tier, and two washcloths for the top tier. Stack the tiers after the towels are rolled.


Accent each tier of the cake by wrapping the tier with ribbon. Select ribbon in a shade within the same color family as the towels for an elegant look. Create a fun towel cake by purchasing ribbon that contrasts the color of the towels. Consider printed ribbon if using solid-color towels; go with solid ribbon if using printed towels. Ribbon with wired edges stays in place better. Narrower ribbons work best for the smaller cake.


Top the cake with a large flower bloom in a complementary color to the cake and ribbon. A fully-open rose, peony or hydrangea blossom provide a classic look. A novelty topper works for a theme bridal shower. Add a colorful stand cheese grater or set of bright measuring cups if using kitchen towels for the cake. Place a decorative toothbrush holder to top a bath towel cake. Get creative by making a flower shape with an extra dishcloth, washcloth or dinner napkin as an optional topper.


Make the towel cake extra special with the details. Add small gifts for the bride within the cake itself; stuff measuring spoons, dinner napkins or pot holders inside a kitchen towel cake. Place miniature soaps, lotions or other bath products inside a bath towel cake. Dress up the outside of the cake by sprinkling flower petals (artificial are fine) on the layers of the cake and around the cake on the table. Try adding pearl-topped pins to the layers of the cake for another sophisticated detail.