Birthday Gifts for a Husband Turning 50 Years Old

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Your husband's 50th birthday is symbolically significant, as it marks his transition to middle age. Often, by the time he has lived 50 years he has accumulated many items, which makes finding new gifts challenging. In order to make his birthday memorable, look for gifts that are unique, suitable to his passions, and help him look forward to the future.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets can be arranged to include multiple items that correlate to your husband's tastes and hobbies. For example, if he is a wine lover, a basket can be arranged with his favorite wines, cheeses, crackers, glasses and even wine accessories. For additional elegance, consider a special vintage of his favorite wine, and tickets to a wine tasting. Gift baskets that include specialty coffees and chocolates from around the world, can be assembled as well. For his 50th birthday, a memorable addition to a gift basket are tickets for a ride in a hot air balloon. The balloon ride could allow you and your husband the opportunity to enjoy some of the items from his gift basket while you enjoy the scenery.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are versatile gifts that your husband can use to select items that he definitely wants or needs. You may have a idea of your husband's general hobbies and interests, however you may not be aware of specific items he wants. For example, if your husband is a golfer, he can select a specific putter that matches his preferences. At 50 years of age, he may frequently complain about stiffness and tension in his muscles. Consequently a gift certificate for a massage would be a much appreciated gift.

Exotic Car Rental

If your husband is the adventurous type, and enjoys fast cars, renting an exotic car for him would be on point. Depending on the availability in your area, you should be able to rent a Porsche, Ferrari, or other luxury sports cars for either a full day, or part of a day. Adding a shirt with the logo of the car he is driving will make a unique addition to the gift.


If your husband is a music lover, burn compact discs with his favorite songs and artists. Select his favorite music from the past 50 years. Start with his earliest favorites, and gradually move to music that is more current.