Best Gifts for New Mothers

There are many types of unusual and thoughtful gifts that you can give to a new mother to commemorate and celebrate her special occasion. You can choose to give a practical gift, a gift that pampers the tired mother or something intended as an heirloom to be held dear by both mother and child forever. You don't need to purchase your gift from a store and it need not cost a lot of money--homemade gifts and gifts of your time or help are sure to be appreciated, too.

Practical Gifts

Looking after a new baby is tiring, and the new mother is likely at some point to get overwhelmed with housework and all the little tasks that need to be done. Instead of giving a material gift, consider donating your time and labor when the mother most needs it. You could prepare some homemade meals and freeze them in foil containers so that the busy parents just need to reheat them for dinner. You could purchase gift certificates for local restaurants that deliver food. Instead of just offering your help, present a wrapped gift of homemade "gift certificates." You could make a "coupon" for an evening's babysitting, an offer to come over and do laundry, go grocery shopping or help with the housework whenever she wants to cash the coupon in with you.

Pampering Gifts

Gifts that involve pampering are sure to be appreciated by a new mother. You could take her out for lunch and a visit to a spa for a massage or manicure. Most spas, hair salons and nail salons sell gift certificates that she could use whenever she chooses. There are also hairstylists, masseuses and manicurists who will make home visits, which is a convenient option for someone with a baby at home. Alternatively, some movie tickets, a gift certificate for a nice restaurant and an offer to babysit for the evening makes a thoughtful gift for both the mother and father to enjoy.

Heirloom Gifts

Jewelry makes a good gift for a new mother that will last a lifetime and can be later passed on to children. If you choose an item that has a space for engraving you can commemorate a birth by engraving the birthdate or the baby's name onto the piece. There are also lots of options for monogrammed jewelry--a necklace or charm bracelet with the initials of the new baby's name makes a lovely and thoughtful gift. If you are crafty, put some time into making a homemade gift that will be treasured and become a family heirloom. You could sew a quilt or knit a blanket. These last longer than clothing as they do not become quickly outgrown. For a new mother in your family, you could make a sentimental scrapbook containing photographs of all the mothers in the family at the time of their babies' births, going back as many generations as you can.