Belated Birthday Ideas

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When you miss someone's birthday, it's inevitable that their feelings will be somewhat hurt. However, if you handle this situation carefully, you should be able to smooth it over. Begin by apologizing sincerely, without trying to excuse your behavior. If the birthday boy or girl is angry, accept this reaction without becoming defensive. A great gift may also go a long way toward reassuring the birthday boy or girl that you truly care.


The first step toward amending your birthday mistake is to wish your friend or relative happy birthday as soon as possible. If your friend or relative lives nearby, drop by his home with a birthday card and a small token, such as a bottle of wine or potted plant. In the card, express your regret at missing his birthday, and ask whether he would be willing to get together with you soon for a belated celebration. If he is at home, you can make a date in person; if he is out, leave your card and gift for him to discover later. If your friend or relative doesn't live close by, call as soon as possible to apologize, and send him a card by Express Mail.


Thanks to modern courier services, you can send flowers to virtually any location in the country, no matter how far away it is from yours. Why not use one of these services to send a beautiful bouquet of apology to your friend or relative? You can even use the language of flowers to further convey your regret. Both tulips and hyacinths signify a plea for forgiveness, while bluebells symbolize humility and hydrangeas represent thankfulness for your friend's understanding nature.


Since you probably missed your friend or relative's birthday celebration, why not take her out to celebrate again? Ask your friend or relative whether she would allow you to treat her to lunch, or if the two of you could get together for drinks or dinner. Depending upon her preferences, you could also treat her to a day at the spa or take in a movie together. Such an occasion also provides an opportunity to present her with a gift. By making the time to celebrate her birthday, you can show your friend or relative that she is important to you.

Personalized Gifts

A personalized gift demonstrates thoughtfulness, which will illustrate to your friend or relative that hisneeds and desires matter to you. Is there a special item that you know he would love? Consider purchasing it for him, even if it costs more than you would normally spend. You could also try giving him an item monogrammed with his initials, such as a tie, a set of handkerchiefs, a sheet set, a towel set, a pair of slippers or a set of cufflinks.

Gift Baskets

When all else fails, try sending your friend a lavish gift basket. You can purchase a ready-made gift basket or assemble one on your own. Try filling your gift basket with delicious wines and cordials, artisan cheeses, fine chocolates, elaborate candles, luxurious bath and body products, delectable candies and other treats. Your friend or relative will find it difficult to stay mad at you after you have bestowed such sumptuous delights upon her.