Bachelor Party Camping Ideas

A bachelor party, held sometime in the weeks before his wedding, is the last night in a man's life where he can to celebrate as an unmarried man. For the man who enjoys camping, combining this last night of singledom with nature is a fantastic way to celebrate an end and a new beginning all at once.


Renting a cabin is a good idea for a camping bachelor party. Because many people enjoy being in nature but hate having to sleep in a tent and on the ground, renting a cabin will allow you you to enjoy all of the advantages of camping without its disadvantages. Many cabins are inexpensive to rent for one night and include many modern conveniences such as comfortable beds, central heating, air conditioning and indoor plumbing.

Roughing It

If you want a true camping experience, you will want to rough it. This means you will only take the bare necessities for living, such as a tent, sleeping bag, water, a few pairs of clothes and canned food. Some expert campers choose to catch their own meals by hunting or fishing and cooking their game or fish over the campfire. If everyone in attendance loves to rough it, a camping trip can make for a very fun party.

Lakes and Beach

For individuals who love being on the water more than on land when camping, spending your days on the lake and sleeping at night on a beach is ideal. Secure a boat that has enough room to fit everyone on it comfortably. Alternatively, you could rent a party barge for however many nights you will be camping. If you know of more than one beach around the area you are staying, you can even pack up camp every morning and boat to another beach to sleep on that night.

River Rafting

Similar to beach hopping and roughing it, rafting will force you to be on the water most of the day. However, you will be floating along a river in a raft during the day. With rivers, however, often come rapids, and while riding the rapids is exciting, it can also be dangerous to those who are unprepared. Before river rafting, confirm that all participants are up for the challenge and that you have access to a suitable raft. At night, camp by the river and enjoy a bonfire prior to packing up camp the next morning and floating into the sunrise.