Family Naturist Activities

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Naturism, or nudism, is a lifestyle that rejects the societal expectation to be fully clothed for most of one's waking life. Naturists do not view nudity as having any inherent sexual association; instead, they view nudity as more comfortable, freer and valuing the beauty of the human body rather than attempting to hide it. Naturist parents who decide to raise their children in the same lifestyle may encounter obstacles along the way, but there are several fun and legal activities available to pursue.


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Many sports, such as tennis and football, require special clothes, shoes or padding for protection or game play, but there are dozens of sports that naturist families can enjoy free from fear of physical harm or exposure. Many sports are actually easier to play without the constraints and weight of shoes and clothing. Popular naturist sports include volleyball, petanque, table tennis and swimming.


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Exploring the great outdoors by hiking and camping is a common pastime for naturist families. There are dozens of nude camping areas and resorts in the United States and even more in Europe and Asia. Of course, skin is more exposed to the elements during these acitivities, so it is important to apply sunscreen frequently and pick a shady camp area.


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Taking the family on a boat trip in a private or nudist-friendly lake is a great idea for a peaceful day trip away from civilization. Many resorts are located adjacent to lakes with paddle boats and fishing.

Beach Trip

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Another popular naturist family day trip is a beach holiday. Officially recognized clothing-optional beaches provide a safe haven where children can mingle with other families without the risk of feeling different.