Awesome Gifts for Moms at Walmart

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Walmart is known for low prices and a large inventory of items. Because of this large inventory, you are likely to find a gift that is appropriate for moms at the superstore. When purchasing a gift, consider if your mother would prefer an electronic, entertainment or jewelry gift. Gifts can range in price, though you may find savings at Walmart.


Walmart carries a variety of electronic gifts, including iPods, cameras and televisions. Mothers may also appreciate a new cell phone, which Walmart carries as well. If you do choose to purchase an electronic gift, have it personalized to reflect your mother's personality. You can engrave an iPod, for example, with a special message that may read "To the best mother in the world." On the other hand, you can also purchase laptop covers in bright colors and unique designs to reflect the personality of your mother. If you are looking to spend less money, however, an electronic picture frame is an appropriate gift that can display dozens of family photos.

Music and Movies

Many moms appreciate a good movie or CD to unwind with. A favorite DVD or album is a a suitable gift for mom. You may even consider purchasing an entire DVD or CD collection, if your mother is a fan of a series of movies or certain musical artists. To make your gift even more special, organize a "mom movie night." To do so, make the living room as comfortable as possible, pop popcorn, get your mother's favorite candy and allow her to simply enjoy the evening.


Jewelry can say "I love you" or "We appreciate you" no matter the cost. Walmart carries a broad selection of jewelry varying in price and quality. Consider purchasing a watch for the mom on the go. A mom may also appreciate simple jewelry like studded earrings she can wear to work or while running errands. If you want a more personalized gift, give your mom an initial necklace that she can wear during her daily routine.

Gifts to Relax With

Moms like to curl up with a good book and relax once in a while. Check Walmart's Best Sellers book section to find the more popular books selling today, though be sure to choose a book in a genre your mom will enjoy. Once you find the perfect book, purchase bath salts, a robe and candles to create a relaxing experience for your mom. Wrap the book and spa materials in a single package for your mom and write a note encouraging her to take a hot bath before relaxing with the book.